Case studies

Bills and receivables management

SMI has taken best practices from industries like telecom and retail banking to make this process very streamlined

  • All bills are directly integrated to GST management tool
  • Reciepts are directly emailed to clients on bank reconciliation
  • Reminders sent monthly to all persons not paying their dues
  • Direct generation of by law best notices for persons with more than 3 months dues as per the by laws
  • Direct triggers to lawyers for dues where notices are not adhered to for collections
  • AIM: Highly efficient service with low effort from society RWA Management and Managing Committeees
  • [Photo of notice sent]

Payment management

SMI has taken best pratises from large procurement based companies to manage vendors

  • Approved vendor lists created with all details stored and used.
  • Active contract management for due dates on AMC.
  • Direct follow up with vendors for bills and check with attendance etc.
  • Using bulk NEFT tools for direct payment of vendors on buildings payment dates (Cheque free payments).
  • Direct integration with GST and TDS for full compliance.
  • AIM: Centralised payment support to reduce errors ensure organized record keeping and approvals. Lower risk of theft as cheques removed from the picture

Complaint Management

SMI has taken best practices from banking and visa processing for a tightly organized approach to complaints

  • Master list of complaints/ requests maintained.
  • Token numbers given to all requests with follow up update emails.
  • Monthly report sent to the RWA/ Society managing committees of open complaints and escalations.
  • Standard Operating processes created for all regular tasks so team needs minimum guidance on site with a tracking process built in.
  • AIM: Organized management and tracking of complaints and actions linked with transparent communication process for hassle free issue resolution.
  • [Photo of vendor list].

Digital Filing and Drafting support

SMI has taken best practices from Public Works Services and Banking to best manage huge paper volume and quality control of the same

  • All papers that come in are maintained in an inward folder and logged in an inward register
  • Digital copy stored on cloud in a mirror file as the one int he building cupboard online (SMI does this post joining a society but past files are still in paper format)
  • Sample drafts ready for all Standard Operating Processes to minimize errors and miscommunication
  • All file indexes and documents kept and accessible on demand from the cloud
  • [Digital filing folder photo]

Complaince support

Access to 30+ professionals for legal opinions, checking of documents, society conveyance etc.