Why Choose US

Why choose us

Conventional Building Manager

✓ System Driven Approach which uses website, app, E-mail, SMS for quik and easy communication.

✗ Manual Approach dependent on manager being in office.

✓ Managed by a Team (Accounts. Statutory, Etc) with Multifunctional Capabilities
accessed through a capable Relationship Manager (RM) at our office & Field Executives.

✗ Single Person managing all affairs, limited by his / her individual skills.

✓ 24 Hours Access**through our website, app, E-mail, SMS services and 10 Hours a Day 6 Days a Week via call to RM.

✗individual skills.  3 – 6 hours (Part / Full Time) on manager’s working days.

✓ One Stop Shop for all your society office requirements (Accounts, Billings, Statutory, Complaints, Vendor Management, Drafting Letters, Notices, Agenda & Minutes).

✗Assistant Facility (No Accounts) prone to need continuous management intervention.

✓ Managerial Experts hence always proactive to find solutions to problems

✗Acts like a postman, hence Managing Committee (MC) has to resolve all problems

✓ No risk of attrition as systems and team approach allows system to function even if RM leaves

✗High attrition risk as potential for confusion if the manager leaves

✓ Absenteeism not a problem as the RM is always accessible via system and phone. Approach is based on getting work done.

✗Long absenteeism. Society at a standstill. Approach is based on hours at work and not output.

“Came in at a time when COVID was still on and really helped us organise the office. Brought a lot of strong processes and good working practices to the building which were new for us. Enthusiastic founders who always got involved when needed and keep trying to help the building get better and better.”

Ashit Sanghavi,

Gita Smruti CHSL

"Took a very professional approach to managing our society. A lot of what we used to do manually now is done on WhatsApp and email which helps us get a lot of flexibility. They use a lot of technology but make sure that the society need is catered to at the end of the day. They've brought in a lot of value to manage and run our society by providing out of the box solutions to everyday problems that we face"

Dr Vikram Hingorani,

Sunshine CHSL

"Working with this property management company has been a very comfortable experience. Their team of professionals has demonstrated a sound understanding of the model bye law and is always ready & available to help. They have been proactive in addressing any issues that arise and have always been available to answer our questions and concerns. Thanks to their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have seen significant improvements in the management of our property, and we would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants services designed to suit your societies typical needs unlike stereo typical back offices that have impersonal management staff."

Rupa Sayta,

Nav Darya Mahal CHSL